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About Us

Welcome to OstriPlus Pakistan, where we develop the finest range of skin care and hair care products based on fresh, Halal and organic ingredients.
We own and operate Islamabad Ostrich Farms, which is located near Islamabad Pakistan. We take pride in creating top quality products for you and your loved ones!
We are the first company in Pakistan to launch Pure Ostrich Oil based SKINCARE Products. With the protection of omega 3,6&9 and other essential fatty acids (EFA’s). We bring you the best skin care products in Pakistan, both in terms of the quality organic ingredients that our products are based on and in terms of the affordable price tags. We are a premium online skincare store in Pakistan, guaranteeing product quality and top notch Halal ingredients, freshly sourced and completely safe for skin.

Executive Director Message:-

We, OstriPlus Pakistan, are a manufacturer to produce SKINCARE products. Although we are founded not so long but most of our staff is experienced in the cosmetic industry for more than ,10 years.

The OstriPlus Pakistan continues to stand for timeless beauty and opulence with a commitment to reach customers looking for affordable, quality products. We always listen carefully to customers’ requests and offer free online beauty consultancy services.

So, I do hope you will enjoy your beautiful skin and our skin loving products. I believe life is full of beauty…. And our beauty shows on our skin…. Give some healthy pampering by using OstriPlus Pakistan products.
“Your skin doctor” we deliver everything your skin needs, at your doorstep.


“By a woman for a woman! “

Yours truly,
Ayesha Khalid

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"A formula for change" because OstriPlus is your skin doctor. Because we believe "Progress for Perfection"

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